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Showing Engagement and Passion

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There’s one key element to your business efforts you might not hear much when it comes to talk of marketing initiatives, content, ROI, social media, or analytics.


Passion connects you to your audience.  Displaying passion for your business, your industry, or your job responsibilities elicits an emotional response from your target group. Even if they don’t understand the intricacies of what you do, they can get excited about it right along with you.

How do you know you are genuinely passionate about something?  Unless you wake up in the morning excited about it, can taste it before your first glass of OJ or cup of coffee, well… you should go do something else!

Some people are highly passionate about their business, but have trouble conveying that on video, or even in sales presentations. Here are some tips to convey your passion to others:

Body Language

There’s a difference between leaning in and leaning back. One shows excitement, while the other shows disengagement. If you’re standing, placing your hands closer to your chest is better measure of your passion and excitement than holding them near waist level. Of course, you can take it too far. Wild hand gestures above your head are not believable and make you look disingenuous, the opposite of your goal!

Vocal Cues

Change up your volume, pitch, and speed. This shows engagement and passion as opposed to a homogenized delivery. Think of Ben Stein’s signature monotone and you’ll easily remember what not to do!

Inspired Questions

What are your ideas? How would you prioritize?  These should be enthusiastic, energetic and sincere questions that show you are passionate about engaging others in your work and your process. You want your audience to know and feel what you do.  

People can see and hear if you are passionate.  It’s one big reason IQnection uses video to help businesses connect with those they best serve. 

Hopefully these tips can help, whether you’re using video or putting together an in-person presentation.  But the bottom Line is that you have to be genuine. Only then will your true passion shine through.   

Ready to let others know how passionate you are about your business? Connect with IQnection and learn how to best share your products and services with the world through inbound marketing efforts.


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