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How Video Marketing Can Help Manufactures Connect with Customers

For manufacturers, video has become a key component in marketing their products. Nearly half of all manufacturers use YouTube and other video hosting platforms to share information.

We’ve argued before about the importance of video in the world of inbound marketing, as videos as expected to account for 80 percent of all web traffic by 2019.

But today we’re going to focus on marketing for manufacturers. If you’re a manufacturing company that hasn’t yet started using video marketing, here are some things to consider.

1. Video lets your customers see what you make

Your prospects want to know if your product is a good fit for their company. You could write up a version of your sales pitch and hope that they read it when they visit your website, or maybe even record a podcast that explains how your product works.

Or you could create a video that answers your prospects’ tough questions. A video can show your product in action and let potential customers know exactly what they’d be buying.

2. Video helps humanize your company

Putting video on your website puts a face to your brand, something that might otherwise be difficult to accomplish in the manufacturing world. By personalizing your company, you can build trust.

Again, having video on your website can let you offer product demonstrations, but you can also offer a video tour of your plant or give visitors a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your production processes.

In addition to an individualized touch, today’s audience expects a personalized experience, and video marketing allows you to connect with prospects in a more precise way. You can use target videos for specific buyer personas or employ different video content at certain stages of the sales process.

3. Video helps search engines guide visitors to your site

Search engine spiders make frequent visits to popular video portals. When they find your video there, they will follow the link back to your website, allowing your site to be quickly indexed.

This is useful for businesses working in a niche that isn’t very competitive, as this process helps their websites achieve a much higher search engine ranking.

4. Video keeps visitors on your site longer

When you include video on your website’s home page and landing page, you’ll boost the average on-page time for each visitor. This gives you greater search engine results page authority, and will eventually move your website higher in search engine rankings.

5. Video drives social media traffic

video-marketing-1.jpgSocial media posts that include video tend to get a lot of clicks. If you share an engaging video on your channels, huge numbers of people will tune in. Many of them follow up with a visit to your website.

And don’t forget YouTube in your video marketing efforts. Hundreds of hours of video are uploaded onto the sit every minute, and it has an audience of more than a billion users.

Who knows? You might create a video that goes viral. It’s not something you can bank on – the analogies we’ve seen range from “catching a fish with your hands” to “being struck by lightning” – but when it happens, it’s powerful.

If you’re a manufacturer who wants to incorporate video into your marketing efforts, IQnection can help. Our marketing team can bring your company’s story to life with high-quality creative video, and then connect that video with just the right audience.

Contact us today to start your journey into video marketing. 

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