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An Inbound Approach to Webpage Design

At IQnection, our digital marketing team spends each day focused on one goal: getting people to our clients’ websites.

That means researching who the client’s audience is, creating great content that speaks to their customers and potential customers, making sure that content is filled with the right keywords for search engine optimization purposes, and promoting it on social media.

It’s the core of inbound marketing: creating and sharing relevant, quality content that brings customers to you. But all of that work is for naught if it brings prospects to a website that doesn’t adhere to the rules of inbound.

Does Your Website Tell Visitors Who You Are?

A good website should establish who you are as soon as visitors get to your homepage. It should give them a direct path to other pages, and to additional content you may have created – white papers, e-books, videos, etc.

Visitors should get a clear picture of who you are, and what makes you stand out in your field. Simply saying something like “We’re the best trucking company in the Delaware Valley” isn’t enough. Tell us something that’s positive, but also unique.

Does Your Content Speak To Everybody?

Of course, “everybody” is a broad term. For our purposes, we mean everybody you’re trying to reach: those ready to buy from you, those who are looking at different companies, and those who aren’t ready to go with any one company, but who are just interested in solving a problem that relates to what your company does.

For people at the first stage of this journey, those with a problem that needs solving, give them a no-risk offer: a tip sheet, a white paper, something that will educate them and pique their interest in your company.

You can create low-risk offer content for people at the next stage. These require a bit more engagement on the prospect’s part: they give you contact information, and you let them download a webinar or an e-book that helps them solve their problem.

For those who are ready to buy, there are direct business offers: Chat with a representative, schedule a consultation, etc.

78791213_thumbnail.jpgWhat Does Your Blog Look Like?

Many companies have blogs on their websites, but from an inbound perspective, there’s more to it than simply posting occasional updates.

Your blog should be active. The more you post, the better it looks to search engines. And the more content you create for your blog, the more people can share it on social media.

But your content can’t just tell readers about your company. They’re not going to care, and they’re not going to share. It needs to be content that helps readers.

Of course, if your company hits a milestone – 50 years in business, a special technical accreditation – you can blog about that. That’s not just tooting your own horn: it’s telling potential customers “We’re good at what we do.”

If you’re worried your website doesn’t do what we’ve described, IQnection can help.

As we mentioned above, we have an expert digital marketing team at work on creating and promoting great content. But we are also a web design company, building sites that are easy to navigate while still telling your company’s story.

Check out some case studies to see how we helped past clients improve their websites, and contact us to learn more about how we can improve your site.

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