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Beyond the Blog Post: Repurposing Content to Drive Engagement

Content MarketingWhen William Shakespeare was writing his plays, he did what a lot of playwrights of his era were doing: borrowed from other sources.

Since then, people have been borrowing from Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet provided the basis for West Side Story. The great Japanese director Akira Kurosawa turned King Lear into Ran. And Disney’s The Lion King is essentially the story of Hamlet, except with animals, songs and a happy ending.

Some stories are so good they deserve to be told more than once. But how does this connect to inbound marketing?

Because when you create great digital content for your website, it deserves to be shared more than once. The online advertising website WordStream offers a few ways to repurpose your content to drive engagement.

1. Turn A Blog Post Into A Podcast

Does someone on your staff have a voice for radio? Have them read one of your blog posts and record it as a podcast. Most podcasts tend to sound pretty relaxed, so do some editing to make the writing a bit more conversational.

2. Today’s Blog Post Is Tomorrow’s Newsletter

You’ve hit “publish” on your latest blog post, but you can still get some use out of it. Consider promoting your posts in a weekly tips newsletter. It will showcase your best work, and give users another reason to visit your site.

3. Turn A Few Old Blog Posts Into One New Guide

Let’s say you’ve written a bunch of blog posts that deal with the same topic. To use an example from our own site, we’ll say that topic is marketing to manufacturers. We could take the information in those blog posts and repackage them into a single new publication:  “Your Guide to Marketing to Manufacturers.” Use that guide to generate new leads, and introduce a new audience to your content.

4. Put Your Statistics On Twitter

Your latest blog post contains a lot of statistics about your industry. Break down those stats in a way that lets you share them on Twitter. You can add a “click to tweet” link at the end of a sentence, or just share some of the more interesting statistics directly on Twitter.

But because Twitter values images, your best bet is probably to turn statistics into an image you can post in one of your tweets.

5. Make A Webinar Into A Video Tutorial

Your webinar has come and gone, but the information inside of it lives on. Turn it into a video tutorial that you post on YouTube. It will add a great piece of content to your site, and the video’s presence on YouTube can draw potential customers to your website.

6. Turn A PowerPoint Presentation Into A SlideShare Sensation

Let’s say you’ve crafted a smart, detailed PowerPoint presentation for your coworkers, but it has info that will be interesting for your customers as well. Polish the presentation so it’s geared more for an external audience, upload it to SlideShare, and embed the presentation on your website.

7. Turn A Slideshow Into An Infographic

As we noted in the Twitter section, visual content gets people’s attention. So take the graphs and charts from your PowerPoint presentation and turn them into infographics. As WordStream puts it: “Infographics are the darlings of the content world. They’re sexy, they’re informative, they’re easy to read, and boy do they get around.”

8. Interview Experts, Come Away With An E-Book.

A lot of blogs feature interviews with experts, so why not turn a few of those interviews into a longer, advice-based eBook? Some people may prefer this method: they can download your work and read it later. And when people know they’ve been quoted as an expert in a publication, they’re more likely to share your content.

If you have questions about creating content, especially as it relates to marketing to B2B companies, IQnection can help. Our digital marketing team can help you create remarkable new content, and also figure out ways to repackage older material for a new audience. Repurposing worked for Shakespeare, and it can work for you.



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