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Website Design Complements Marketing Efforts

Your website is the face of your business, providing clients, customers, competitors, investors and other prospects a first look at your organization. You have approximately two to three seconds to impress these visitors before they move on to another website and another business. Many times, businesses focus on having a large amount of traffic to their site, but the traffic doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t turn into sales. Having a well-designed website that is functioning properly helps convert visitors to customers.

It is the job of your website’s design and content to truly market your business. Here is a list of questions to determine if your website is able to successfully convert visitors.

  1. Does your website have a simple, yet consistent look and feel?
    Your website should have a consistent look and feel on each page, providing similar images and font for an overall aesthetically-pleasing experience. You don’t want to distract a visitor with flashy graphics or too many colors from the message of your brand. If you are selling a product or a service, it’s vital that you use attractive, interesting and relevant images. Visitors will look at a picture before they read content. All of the imagery on your website should help sell your products or services.
  2. Do you have a strong call to action?
    A good website design uses a call to action to push visitors to take a desired action to the next page, or another place on the website. You don’t want to assume the visitors will know where to go, you need to tell them. You should make your call to action clear with a button on the homepage asking for things like, signing-up for a monthly newsletter, joining the website or requesting a quote.

    If you want your visitors to contact your business, the phone number should be listed in an obvious position like in the top right hand corner on your homepage. If you only make it available under your “contact us” page, visitors may become frustrated. Feel free to include a call to action on every page, with each leading to the ultimate desired action and continuing to keep your visitor’s full attention.

  3. Does your website have engaging and readable content?
    The most important content is right on the home page. Visitors should be able to tell what your business does right away, without having to navigate to the “about us” page. Engaging content will also help drive visitors to take the desired call of action. Just like your design, your content should also have a consistent tone and style on each page, along with delivering your brand’s clear, concise message. Readable and up-to-date content will encourage your visitors to keep looking, increasing your conversion rates.

    Good web design focuses on putting your most crucial information front and center above the fold, meaning the most important information is immediately visible on the browser’s screen. Make sure to break up big blocks of content with bullets, headlines and the appropriate amount of white space so visitors don’t feel overwhelmed.

Remember, first impressions are everything and you do not want yours to be ineffective. Don’t let your business lose customers due to a poorly designed or hard-to-navigate website. Hire an experienced web design company that will work with you to increase your conversion rates. At IQnection we have a team filled with knowledgeable designers and marketers, bringing you the best of both worlds.

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