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The Essential Guide to Internet Marketing Guide

The Essential Guide to Internet Marketing Guide



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Inbound Marketing Funnel for Philadelphia Web Design

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Web Design Philadelphia

IQnection is a Philadelphia Web Design, SEO & Inbound Marketing company based just outside the Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania.  We design and build professional websites for small to mid sized businesses.  We only work with organizations who are looking to grow.  Our services don't fit anyone else.  We exist to help your businesses answer your most pressing question, "How do we get more customers?"  The answer that we provide is simple.  Our web desgin, SEO and inbound marketing solutions drive qualified leads into your organization.  We build high conversion websites, and pack them full of visitors.  We use fantastic web design, extensive SEO experience, Social Meida and inbound marketing campagins to bring you visitors.  We then convert those visitors into leads, and then we nurture those leads through sales funnel until they become Marketing Qualified Leads (mQL's).

Know Who Visits Your Website
The websites which we create are advanced marketing machines.  With our marketing software, you will know who is visiting your website!  You will know what company they are from, and what pages they interacted with. That means that your prospecting funnel just got alot bigger!  Cold calls will be a little warmer, when you can say "I noticed that you checked out our services page and ready about xyz product.  Are there any questions that I can answer for you about xyz."   


Inbound Marketing Funnel For Philadelphia Web Design

Inbound Marketing Funnel For Philadelphia Web Design

We Write For Human Beings, Not SEO!
IQnection has been in a Philadelphia web design company for over 15 years. We work with a wide range of businesses to solve complex problems. One of the biggest issues our clients face is being found in the search engines. In order to solve this problem, our web design and web marketing team builds pages that are super SEO friendly. We also optimize the content of these page so that they contain the perfect keyword density for certain keywords. You may have noticed that on this page, we are using some specific keywords and key phrases, like "Philadelphia web design", "Philadelphia SEO", "inbound marketing". That's because this page is part of a larger strategy to get our site found for these keywords. Guess what? it works! Just Google "Philadelphia SEO" and you will see us on page one.

However, this isn't about placing keywords into the text of your website.  That's only about 10% of what we do.  We need to create search engine righ content that get's multiple pages of a website ranked in the search engines.  

  • Here is the Secret SEO Sauce
    1. Keyword Research & Keyword Placement
    2. Ensuring High Quality HTML Coding Standards
    3. Link Juice Balancing Throughout Your Website
    4. SEO Credibility Building
    5. Inbound Link Building
    6. Negative Credibility Detox-ifying
    7. SEO Content Generation 
    8. SEO Content Syndication
    9. Social Media SEO
    10. Research & Repeat
  • Anyone can do the above list of activities.  However, we believe that the most valuable SEO tool is the human mind.  That is why our offices, located just outside of Philadelphia, PA are filled with MBA types, Wharton Grads, and highly skilled web designers who spend all their time doing inbound marketing for our clients. These talented online marketing experts don’t go about their jobs slowly or casually; they aggressively market your business. We don’t outsource, we don’t skimp on talent and we don’t mess around.  The reality that that there is no secret sauce. Relentless effort, coupled with pure talent is our recipe!  Our solutions are based on expereince, not guesswork.

    Mobile Web Design & Responsive Web Design

    We're experts in developing mobile-friendly websites that help generate more leads and sales. We make sure your website is optimized for all mobile devices no matter the screen size. With mobile browsing set to overtake desktop browsing in 2015, a mobile website is critical to your online success.  Our Web Design company specializes in building websites that look great on any platform.  We design websites for 1) brand building, 2) conversion, 3) traffic generation. 

    These days your customer isn’t just sitting behind a computer screen. They are everywhere and your website needs to function on whatever device they are viewing it on. For many websites, creating a different design for each resolution and different device would be impractical.  It's also really hard to maintain several different versions of your website.  That is why 100% of the sites that our web design team creates are "responsive".  With our responsive web design process, we create a seamless transition from one interface to the next.  As your customer switches from their laptop to smartphone, your website will switch with them, creating an interface that meets them wherever they are and delivering the content that is most appropriate for the device they are using.

    Read more about our website design process here.

    We consistently achieve high Google ranking and ROI as well as increased traffic, sales and leads for our clients in the extremely competitive Philadelphia market. Our web marketing team consists of highly trained SEO/SEM experts helping Philadelphia area businesses dominate the search engine results pages.

    To learn more about what we can do for your Philadelphia Web Design campaign, please fill out the form above, or call our web design team at 215-345-5424