Bucks County Cabinetry

Seeking to modernize a dated website, Bucks County Cabinetry and Design (BCCD) and Zaveta Home Services LLC, their parent organization, searched for a local digital marketing agency. They concluded their search in August 2022 by reaching out to IQnection for website design and overhaul of their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. To help BCCD reach its target market and business growth goals, our team launched a website redesign project centered around user experience and a multi-channel digital marketing project.

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In early 2022, the team at BCCD identified several issues with their website when comparing it to their competitors. The website’s design was dated, its functionality was limited, and it was not earning them the attention their work deserves. The BCCD website was also missing vital information that its users needed to understand their business practices. In its previous form, the BCCD website lacked SEO strategy and calls-to-action. This made it difficult for users to find the business and convert into leads.

The BCCD team determined that the success of their business relied on innovative and effective digital marketing efforts. The first challenge of our engagement was clear – develop a website with SEO best practices that drove organic website traffic. The second challenge centered around highlighting BDDC’s craftsmanship to invite users to contact the company. Finally, our team needed to develop a dynamic social media strategy to capture attention on other platforms.


We specialize in helping businesses in niche markets achieve their business goals through web design and search engine optimization (SEO). For increased visibility and expansion of brand awareness, we provided Bucks County Cabinetry and Design with website development, SEO and social media marketing services.
Our approach to resolving Bucks County Cabinetry’s digital marketing and web design challenges included updating their SEO keywords. These keywords were then effectively implemented throughout their website. Finally, we transformed their presence on social media to reflect the company’s combined 300 years of experience in their industry.

Digital Marketing

To ensure BCCD successfully achieved its business goals, our digital marketing team devised a growth-oriented strategy to deliver sustainable business growth in the long term. This strategy began with BCCD’s top marketing objection-driving valuable, organic web traffic. To increase organic web traffic, our team crafted a multi-channel SEO strategy for the company’s website and social media accounts. The earliest phase of the SEO strategy focused on the identification and implementation of 20 VIP SEO keywords that aligned with BCCD’s immediate and long-term business strategies. These VIP keywords focused on BCCD’s local service areas and were implemented through on-page technical SEO strategies. Once implemented our team began the process of optimizing off-page SEO optimization. This included a focus on local SEO and strategic link building. Our engagement with BCCD continued with social media management services and blogging. As social media is vital in home remodeling, our social media recommendations included building brand awareness on several platforms. These platforms included Google Business, Facebook, and Instagram. We also included Houzz and Pinterest marketing in our strategy, as these are platforms that are used heavily by the target audience of BCCD.

Web Design & Development

While our digital marketing team developed marketing strategies for SEO and social media management, our web development team worked to ensure technical SEO measures were taken on the BCCD website. In addition to technical SEO optimization, our team completed several development projects including: The addition of a lead conversion form on the home page in the form of a fly out. The addition of the “Our Process” page to build trust with prospects through business transparency. The adjustment of imagery to highlight BCCD’s fine craftsmanship and experience. The addition of calls-to-action to ensure users could easily convert into leads. Through the completion of these projects, our team ensured a high-quality user experience for BCCD’s digital visitors. This enhanced user experience ultimately eased the user’s transition from visitor to prospect.


Since the launch of their new website and social media strategy, the BCCD team and their partners at Zaveta have noted an increase in business. “The front desk person said the other day, “I’ve been getting a ton of calls and people cite the website. They say, ‘Oh yeah, I saw you on Instagram,’ or ‘I went to your website and I was blown away by the photos.’ or ‘I was really interested in the home design portion,’” said Madison DiPilla of Zaveta Home Services, LLC in a recent interview.

Beyond anecdotal evidence, the data reflects the success of the website redesign and SEO strategy implemented by our team. At the time of writing, the website’s bounce rate has decreased by nearly 30% in the last year, proving that the website is now reaching its target audience members. Furthermore, visitors to the BCCD site are staying longer and consuming more content. Compared to the same period last year, users’ session duration has increased 102.54%. The average user is also consuming 9.21% more of the website’s content.


[IQnection has] been our saving grace in making our marketing dreams happen at BCCD. They are sharp, accommodating, and are SO pleasant to work with! I truly am grateful for their expertise and hard work in all aspects of our marketing plan. – Madison DiPilla, Zaveta Home Services, LLC