Social Media & Email Marketing

Email Lead Nurturing

Email lead nurturing is the process of developing deeper relationships, and continuing conversations with your prospects AFTER they have spoken with your sales team.  A typical email lead nurturing campaign focuses on answering the question that a prospect may still have, while reinforcing the reasons why your company is the right choice to do business with.  Research shows that companies that use email lead nurturing see higher close ratios compared to those who don't.

One of the most frequent questions new clients ask is... “How important is social media, anyway?”  We can’t stress strongly enough the importance of social media for most of the businesses we work with. While some people see Facebook or Twitter as ways that their friends share photos of their children, or the details of their most recent lunch, actually these companies have spent years and a great deal of effort building up a vast store of demographic information about their users.

One of the main benefits of social media is the way it allows you to harness the brand loyalty and enthusiasm of some of your best customers. Leveraging these preexisting relationships allows you to grow your reach, and can lead to increased sales and even greater customer loyalty.