SEO & Paid Media Management

Up and to the Right.

Let our SEO experts, with their many years of experience, along with the very best marketing automation software deliver the type of traffic that your business needs. From data analysis, to advanced SEO techniques, we are one step ahead of your competition. Your website will be a search engine magnet, and will give you the best chance to land on page one for the search terms that will increase engagement. With our strong knowledge of good SEO strategies, we work to build the intrinsic value of your website so that your investment pays dividends not just today, but well into the future. Our SEO efforts don’t stop at optimizing your website’s content onetime. Good search engine optimization means curating web content obsessively and consistently and providing fresh content for search engines to spider.



Paid Media Management

Staff in AAt IQnection, our certified paid media specialists understand how to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar they spend. They hold certifications, and have completed rigorous testing to make sure they are the kung-fu masters of online advertising. They know how to maximize the impact that your ads have, and how to keep costs down. They also know which network will be right for your business, and which ones won’t.

When you need to hit the ground running, hiring a seasoned expert in pay-per-click (PPC) management is the way to go. We develop PPC management plans tailored to your budget, and targeted keywords to attract the right traffic to your website. Large brands and small businesses alike can benefit from a PPC campaign for seasonal messages, event announcements, and product launches.

Quick Google Marketing Tip!

One strategy that works well for just about every client we have is Google’s remarketing program.  The program allows you to show relevant ads to prospects who’ve previously visited your site as they traverse the web. When people leave your site without buying or contacting you, remarketing allows you to show them a tailored message that will encourage them to return to your site and reengage with you. This engagement technique is powerful, and one of the most cost effective programs out there.

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