Researching your company and potential customers is the foundation of a strong online marketing campaign. Afterall, the online environment gives us the opportunity to develop an on-going conversation with your audience, so understanding their pain points and the behavior patterns is important to success.

We start by getting to know as much as we possibly can about your business. We want to understand what makes your company’s products and services unique in the marketplace, and we also want to understand why your best customers have chosen to do business with you. We’ll educate ourselves about the personal and professional problems those customers may be having, and about the ways in which your offerings can help lessen their issues. We’ll figure out where your ideal customers spend time online, and how we can meaningfully engage them in conversations about the things you offer. Along the way, we’ll work to discover any possible objections they may have to your brand.

Research takes a variety of forms. It may involve members of our team speaking with yours. It may involve interviews with your customers to determine why they’ve stayed with you. We may find that a survey will provide the best data. Last but not least, we’ll take a good look at your competitors.

By understanding why certain people are choosing to interact with your company, and by deducing whether or not their needs are being met, we can learn quite a lot: where you’re succeeding, where you aren’t, and how to introduce even more potential customers to the products or services your organization can provide.

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