BRD Noise & Vibration Control, Inc. is a premier North American acoustic designer and manufacturer of Hushcore® HVAC noise and vibration control solutions for air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, rooftop units (RTUs), and air terminal systems. It offers consultative analysis and design services to support architects, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) professionals, and design-build contractors. In addition, BRD provides post-construction troubleshooting and remediation for owner-direct and negotiated projects. Its unique approach centers on problem definition and prescriptive minimum design solutions according to objective criteria and backed by performance accountability.

With the expansion of BRD’s flagship Hushcore brand, including the impending launch of its brand-new Summit™ system, the company’s management team approached us for web design and digital marketing help to reach a vast international audience and generate new sales opportunities to drive business growth.


Business-to-Business acoustic design and manufacturing firm headquartered in Wind Gap, PA.

Solutions Provided:

IQnection specializes in providing customized web design and search engine optimization (SEO) services for manufacturing, engineering, and industrial companies like BRD Noise & Vibration Control, Inc. For effective brand representation, we provided BRD Noise & Vibration Control Inc. with a new website design as well as continual content creation and SEO optimizations.


As BRD prepared to launch its top-of-the-line Hushcore Summit system, they identified a critical challenge website visitors experienced when engaging with their current website: confusion. While the content was significantly valuable, the website’s navigation and structure made it difficult for users to find and differentiate the various noise and vibration control systems, hindering their ability to identify the ideal solution for their needs.

Despite the website’s shortcomings, the BRD team revealed an immediate need for digital marketing services to help nurture existing customers, expose new audiences to the Hushcore brand, and support a successful new system launch. So, our first marketing challenge centered on developing and implementing a strategic digital marketing plan without driving traffic to the website until the new one went live.

Our initial discussions with the BRD team also revealed haziness around the company’s ideal target audience, making it difficult for them to identify the people and companies most worthy of reaching in a digital marketing campaign. And without an efficient method for managing customer relationships, its sales process wasn’t as efficient as it could be.
Lastly, while BRD had tried digital marketing tactics in the past, it didn’t have an established presence on the social media channels its target audience used for business-to-business engagement, putting the company at a competitive disadvantage.


Our approach to resolving BRD’s challenges and helping them drive new business included a multifaceted web design, web development, and digital marketing strategy to promote and grow the Hushcore brand.

Web Design & Development

Designing the new Hushcore website incorporated many high-impact design elements to enhance the user experience, including:

  • Clean and modern aesthetic – Makes the website both visually appealing and straightforward for users to find information quickly

  • Streamlined navigation structure – Allows users to effortlessly navigate to Hushcore noise and vibration control systems and other relevant pages

  • Interactive territory map – Makes it easy for visitors to find a Hushcore attenuation sales representative with the click of a button

  • Responsive design – Gives website visitors a seamless experience, no matter the device, window size, or screen size

In addition to thinking about how users would respond to the new website experience, we also considered how search engines would find and rank the new site, a key factor for driving new traffic. So, we embedded technical search engine optimization elements, such as meta descriptions and title tags, into the website programming to increase search visibility and the potential for increased website visits.

Finally, our web design and development process also included client-friendly features for BRD, including visitor tracking capabilities and an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for them to update the new website without advanced programming knowledge.

Digital Marketing

Meanwhile, our digital marketing team devised a growth-oriented strategy with different pre- and post-website launch tactics. The pre-website launch strategy included tactics we could implement while the Hushcore website was in development, knowing that we wouldn’t want to drive new traffic until the new one was live. During this phase, we focused on BRD’s incredible company culture-defining values and pushed this messaging out through social media and email marketing channels. On the other hand, the post-website launch strategy was more robust, featuring a comprehensive and strategically curated set of tactics to drive traffic to the new website, helping to boost sales leads and company growth opportunities.

Develop customer personas

Before settling on the ideal mix of digital marketing tactics, we dove deep into developing customer personas to better understand the audiences we need to target and how best to reach them. These personas are profiles that represent BRD’s ideal client, characterizing the people and companies most likely to purchase Hushcore noise and vibration control products.

We found that BRD’s potential customers have two distinct buying habits. Most purchase a noise and vibration control system only once, including schools, offices, and other commercial facilities. We market to these audiences differently from those most likely to purchase repeatedly, such as architects, sound engineers, and design-build contractors. While we would treat these one-time purchasers as valuable brand advocates, our mission was to help BRD connect with more repeat, lifetime customers to help grow the company’s bottom line.

Set up a CRM and marketing automation platform

With clear customer personas to help us understand who we were targeting – and why – we initiated SharpSpring, a cloud-based platform to manage BRD’s customers and automate sales and marketing activities. This versatile tool is loaded with features to streamline BRD’s digital marketing processes, allowing us to connect accounts, create a customer database, segment lists, track the customer lead journey, and nurture leads in the sales funnel. However, BRD wasn’t familiar with using SharpSpring, so our team provided in-depth onboarding training to help them use and benefit from its advanced capabilities.

Implement the most effective marketing mix

Next, we determined the ideal mix of digital marketing tactics to reach the company’s distinct target audiences. Before engaging us, BRD acquired many clients because of its respectable company culture and personal likeability, so we knew it would be important to integrate tactics that would nurture existing leads and customers while expanding the reach to include new audiences.

With these goals in mind, our marketing mix included the following:

• Search engine optimization (SEO)

We initiated our SEO services with keyword research to identify 20 VIP keywords aligning with BRD’s business strategy. After implementing these keywords during the on-page technical SEO phase of website development, we set our sights on off-page elements for a holistic SEO approach, including strategic link building, local SEO, and blogging.

• Pay-per-click (PPC)

At the time of writing, our PPC services are just getting underway. We will target the exact VIP keywords as SEO, creating a cohesive digital marketing strategy to drive traffic from qualified leads, using them to develop copy for text-based Google ads. Depending on the performance of these ads, we will create graphics-based Google ads to complement the paid campaign.

• Social media

Our social media management recommendations revolved around establishing a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. We collaborated with our client to develop a list of relevant hashtags to connect potential customers with BRD.

Facebook is a camaraderie marketing channel where we can help BRD can connect with followers to announce job opportunities and the company’s involvement with sports and other events. LinkedIn is where we focus on project updates and Hushcore system updates. Finally, we use Google My Business to engage audiences and enhance SEO performance.

• Email marketing and automation

With the help of email list segmentation capabilities in SharpSpring, email marketing was a no-brainer digital marketing tactic for BRD. These segmented lists allow us to create dynamic content for each of BRD’s audiences, helping us connect more deeply with their needs and interests. With the help of our advanced automation tools, we can send emails to nurture BRD’s leads, helping to advance them in the sales funnel to support the sales team.

Report campaign performance

With the help of advanced reporting tools, we run technical SEO audits, track keyword performance, analyze website performance, evaluate competitors, and generate other monthly and quarterly reports for BRD to determine how each digital marketing tactic we’re managing is performing. Then, during the first bi-weekly meeting of each month, we discuss the results with BRD, focusing on the areas performing well and identifying areas requiring pivots to improve performance. We also conduct in-depth year-end reporting and planning sessions to review analytics and trends and define a strategy for the upcoming year to help BRD achieve its long-term business growth goals.


The pre-website launch core values social media and email marketing campaign successfully boosted engagement on key channels and elevated email open and click-through rates well above the industry average. Initial reporting has revealed measurable referral traffic from social platforms and emails. In addition, BRD has experienced positive interactions from prospective customers, confirming that its audience is connecting to our strategy and content.

At the time of writing, we’ve completed the soft launch of the new Hushcore website and queued up the post-launch digital marketing strategy. Using BRD’s marketing goals as our guide, we’ve already tallied visitor-to-lead conversions and measured more than 1,500 organic website visits resulting from our initial efforts. In the months ahead, we will work toward achieving 65-70% of BRD’s website traffic from new visitors for even more sales opportunities.


“We love the relationship we’ve developed with BRD/Hushcore! They’re a genuine values-driven company with great people who are very receptive to new ideas. I’m proud of our success so far and am excited to continue improving how their audience views them and understands their unique capabilities and expertise.”
– Haley Colpitts, Marketing Manager, IQnection