Designed for Wineries

Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Cellar Boost by IQnection
Showcase your winery’s landscape and events with a custom curated social media calendar.
Add low input high value on-site experience to extend patron’s visits and boost sales.
Learn what your customers are saying about your wines and build brand loyalty.
Winery marketing encompasses a variety of strategies aimed at promoting vineyards and their wine products through social media, growth driven design, customer engageing apps, and great branding / labelling. By adding digital marketing to winery efforts such as wine tastings, tours, and festivals will enhance visibility, foster brand loyalty, and ultimately drive sales growth.

Social Media

Create custom social media campaigns that highlight your winery’s story and products. Produce and share engaging content based on events like, like entertainment & wine-tasting events. Produce and share content based on seasonal and holiday events. Seek to build an online community by interacting with followers and encouraging user-generated content.

Growth Driven Design (GDD)

Develop a visually stunning, mobile-friendly website that adapts to your needs. Enhance the site using data and visitor behavior to boost engagement. Continuously improve the website overtime based and keep all content fresh and updated. Incorporate seamless online shopping and booking features for easy customer transactions.

Customer Engagement

Implement a fun app for customers to vote on their favorite wines during visits. Collect immediate feedback on wine preferences to tailor your offerings. Boost customer engagement with gamified voting experiences and rewards. Use voting data to send targeted promotions and recommendations to customers.

Branding & Labeling

Create unique, eye-catching wine bottle labels that stand out on shelves. Develop a cohesive brand that reflects your winery’s values and mission. Ensure logos and packaging present a unified, compelling image of your winery. Strategically position your winery to differentiate it from competitors