Web Marketing and Google Authorship

What is the Google HummingbirdGoogle Authorship is a method that allows writers to link their work to their Google+ page. Started in 2011, the authorship tool has evolved steadily as Google tries to make search results more relevant to users. Verified authorship obviously offers many benefits to content creators and content consumers, as well as making Google more aware of quality human-created content. There are also benefits for online marketing, specifically for those who wish to use high-quality content to enhance a website’s ranking and reputation.

What this means for content creators

Google Authorship allows writers to claim their content in search results. It also creates a way for readers to more easily locate additional content by writers they find interesting and engaging. When a writer is using Authorship, results that feature their content will also show a copy of their headshot next to the search result. In short, this creates a way for writers to set themselves apart, verify their content, and gain more fans or followers. Authorship also now allows you to see analytics for your content.

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Social Media for Nonprofits: Empowered Generosity

There are very few fields that function as comfortably in a dual role, straddled between the two distinct disciplines of art and science, as the marketing industry does. This field has been especially proactive when it comes to embracing the latest in technological advancements in order to “tell the story to the widest audience possible” on behalf of their clients. Despite this, not all marketing segments were as quick to incorporate technology as others, especially social media, into their marketing strategy—namely, the non-profit sector.

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