The Need for Website Maintenance

There are factors in play for both computers and websites that make them just as susceptible to the need for maintenance as your car or your home. Computers have moving parts: hard drive motors, fans, etc. But even if these ran flawlessly for years, their parts would 'rot' in a sense. As technology advances, software grows in terms of the ways it uses processors and renders graphics. From games to productivity suites, software is constantly finding ways to do more tasks more efficiently in a shorter amount of time. Just shaving a few seconds from a process can place diabolical demands on a processor from two years ago. Like replacing a struggling furnace in your house, upgrading your computer's internal systems can have your system doing what it does faster and more efficiently for years.

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How to Improve Your Website With A/B Testing

In recent years, competition on the Internet has grown and businesses are looking for something to give them a competitive edge. Online marketing methods like SEO and PPC are a good way of improving a company's ability to compete, but increased traffic alone does not make for a successful business. When it comes to a website, it all comes down to the number of conversions and revenue generated - this is where a/b testing can help.

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