How SEO and Inbound Marketing Work Together

How SEO and Inbound Marketing Work TogetherIt’s a question we hear every so often:

“Inbound marketing? Is that anything like SEO?”

Well…yes and no.

The two concepts aren’t interchangeable. However, it’s fair to say that SEO – industry jargon for “search engine optimization” – is a major component of inbound marketing.

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6 Ways To Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your Website

Inbound MarketingLet’s start with the basics. What is bounce rate? Bounce rate (as defined by Google Analytics) is the percentage of visits that only go to one page before exiting the site. Bounce rate measures the quality of your visits and a high bounce rate usually indicates that your entrance page isn’t relevant to your visitors.

Sites with a high bounce rate struggle to keep visitors long enough to convert into customers. You want your visitors to spend a good amount of time clicking on different pages, reading additional content and moving their way toward a conversion. Your ultimate goal is to reduce your bounce rate by looking for ways to keep visitors on your site. 

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3 Ways To Get More Visitors To Your Website!

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Search Engine MarketingWe have been developing websites for over 20 years, and the number one challenge faced by anyone launching a new website is getting visitors to go to it. Everyone knows that if your website isn't getting visitors, then you are not going to be able to generate sales. At IQnection, we call a website that get’s no traffic a “stranded asset”. And unfortunately, it’s something that will happen to everyone who launches a website without a promotion strategy.

Throughout this article, we will discuss a step-by-step action plan that will get your website visitors.

1. Content Based SEO - (Search Engine Optimization)

The search engines are without doubt, one of the best places to get new visitors to your website. The problem is that most new website’s lack credibility in the eyes of the search engines. This means that when you launch a website, the search engine provider doesn't know if your website is good or not. Therefore, they rank you low in their listings, and let you slowly build up your credibility. As a new website owner, you must combat this slow approach to SEO aggressively.

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Web Marketing and Google Authorship

What is the Google HummingbirdGoogle Authorship is a method that allows writers to link their work to their Google+ page. Started in 2011, the authorship tool has evolved steadily as Google tries to make search results more relevant to users. Verified authorship obviously offers many benefits to content creators and content consumers, as well as making Google more aware of quality human-created content. There are also benefits for online marketing, specifically for those who wish to use high-quality content to enhance a website’s ranking and reputation.

What this means for content creators

Google Authorship allows writers to claim their content in search results. It also creates a way for readers to more easily locate additional content by writers they find interesting and engaging. When a writer is using Authorship, results that feature their content will also show a copy of their headshot next to the search result. In short, this creates a way for writers to set themselves apart, verify their content, and gain more fans or followers. Authorship also now allows you to see analytics for your content.

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Online Reputation Management – Solutions for Negative PR

The Olympic committee, sponsors and participants all face the potential for a tsunami of bad PR at any moment in time. A misspoken word, an unintended gesture or some other relatively insignificant issue quite often blows up into a major catastrophe and in today’s connected-world unfolds almost instantaneously on the web and causes a hail storm of negative PR. The majority of the bad press comes and goes quickly but often remnants of the issue persist for weeks, months and even years.

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