Lots of No Shows at Your Event? We Have the Solution

Think about the times you’ve seen a great speaker: they were funny, they were engaging, they taught you a new way to look at the world.

It’s frustrating, then, to engage the services of a great speaker for an event that only a handful of people attend. That’s why we’re going to talk today about some steps you can take to choose the right speaker for your next gathering.

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Quarterly Nonprofit Summit Focuses on Volunteers

IQnection nonprofit seminar Dawn Byers discusses volunteering strategies.

On January 23, IQnection hosted their 17th quarterly Nonprofit Summit with more than 30 guests attending. Each quarter IQnection gathers a panel of speakers to talk about topics of interest to the local nonprofit community. These events allow the nonprofit community to benefit from each others experiences and successes. Nonprofit organizations are invited to the event to network and learn more about fundraising, volunteer management, grant writing, and many other topics that are important to their organizations. The January event involved three speakers who shared their experiences cultivating volunteers and explained how other nonprofits can create a successful volunteer program. Continue reading “Quarterly Nonprofit Summit Focuses on Volunteers” »

Targeted Branding Seminar

4 Steps to Identifying Your Brand

As a new business owner I was told repeatedly the most important thing is to build and protect your brand. But what is your brand?

Karen L. Jett, CMA Karen L. Jett, CMA

Your brand is the combination of every action, statement, and image you disseminate and share with the world.

During this session you will receive a tool to identify your brand through your vision, mission, values, and operating guidelines. When these four parts are clear and consistent, you create a strong brand that will result in:

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