Internet Marketing Trends for 2012

  1. Value Based Marketing. It’s not just about rankings and traffic; it’s about leads, sales & measurable results that prove ROI.
  2. Rich Snippets. Google will provide more information about your website to searchers without them having to click to the site. This hurts your marketing efforts because it reduces page views and makes your sales funnel a bit smaller.
  3. Vanishing Data. Google will hide more information about your website in Google Analytics. This makes it more challenging to sift through the pertinent data to find the Key Performance Indicators that matter.
  4. Mobile Marketing Grows Up. Mobile marketing will continue to grow at an amazing rate. Customers are now using mobile search to do their shopping, especially for local products and services.
  5. The Rise of Local Search Marketing. Local search and Google Local in particular will be more important than ever. Google will continue to make local results a more crucial component of its search algorithm.
  6. Social Media Merges With Search. Google will impact search engine rankings. Overall, social engagement across all platforms is important for a balanced SEO campaign
  7. Video Content Matters. Video is more important as the web moves mobile and becomes more interactive. Videos are now a bigger part of Google’s search results as Google learns to index video content.
  8. Don’t Let Others Tarnish Your Reputation. As the Internet becomes more valuable, so does your company’s online reputation. This is because your business can be harmed by the reviews and comments angry customers post online. 90% of consumers trust online reviews, and 78% search a company online before buying product or service.
  9. Nurture New Leads, Don’t Waste Them. As your online market becomes more competitive, leads are harder to come by and more valuable. Every lead must be nurtured via email marketing. This is because 50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy immediately after being contacted. Meanwhile, lead nurturing emails have 10x the response rate as do stand-alone email blasts.
  10. Your Linking Strategy Must Evolve for SEO. Linking remains a pillar of your search engine exposure, but link diversity is now more crucial than ever.

Courtesy of National Positions