Matching Content to Your Buyer Personas

Matching Content to Your Buyer PersonasWe’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about the idea of buyer personas.

And with good reason: crafting a buyer persona is how you know who your audience is, and knowing your audience is crucial to inbound marketing.

A buyer persona is your version of your dream customer. You build them by conducting market research, and interviewing a group of existing customers to find out what makes them tick.

There’s a long list of questions you should ask in these interviews. If you’re not familiar with the buyer persona concept, make sure you brush up on these questions. A good marketing strategy requires at least two personas, which means you’ll need to do anywhere from six to 10 interviews. Continue reading “Matching Content to Your Buyer Personas” »

Buyer Personas, Customer Segments, and Why You Need Both

We’ve talked a number of times in this space about the value of buyer personas. Today we’re going to discuss a different concept: customer segmentation.

We’ll take a look at how customer segments differ from buyer personas, and why it’s important to involve both in your marketing strategy. Continue reading “Buyer Personas, Customer Segments, and Why You Need Both” »