Buyer Personas, Customer Segments, and Why You Need Both

We’ve talked a number of times in this space about the value of buyer personas. Today we’re going to discuss a different concept: customer segmentation.

We’ll take a look at how customer segments differ from buyer personas, and why it’s important to involve both in your marketing strategy. Continue reading “Buyer Personas, Customer Segments, and Why You Need Both” »

Do You Have A Marketing Strategy?

Do You Have a Fall Marketing Strategy?We’re nearly three-quarters of the way through 2016. As you and your company turn your attention to the fourth quarter, it’s a good time to look at what marketing efforts have worked and which ones have fallen flat.

The last months of the year can be the right time to focus on the initiatives that resonated with your audience so you can produce new leads.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to promote your company in the final stretch of the year. Continue reading “Do You Have A Marketing Strategy?” »