Why Should I Link to Other Websites?

A lot of us grew up believing things that were later debunked.

We now know that you don’t get a cold by going outside in cold weather. If we swallow chewing gum, it won’t take seven years to digest. And you don’t need to wait an hour after eating to go swimming.

The world of digital marketing has its own superstitions, including this one:

You shouldn’t link to other websites.

And on one hand, we can understand this concern. You’ve put a lot of effort getting people to your site, so why give them an opportunity to leave?

Yet there are some good reasons for linking to other websites:

Why should you link to other websites? Continue reading “Why Should I Link to Other Websites?” »

An Entrepreneur’s Guidebook to Business Growth – PART 1

Part 1 - Creating an Inbound Marketing Plan

Let’s say you want to start your own business.

We’re big baked goods fans here at IQnection, so we’ll use cookies as an example. And in this illustration, you make really superb cookies. They’re so good in fact that when people taste these cookies, they say “You could SELL these.”

So that’s what you decide to do. And even though everyone loves cookies, the same rules of getting your business to grow still apply. That’s why we’ve put together this guidebook for entrepreneurs. In later installments, we’ll discuss sales and business development, but we’ll start with creating a marketing strategy for your business. Continue reading “An Entrepreneur’s Guidebook to Business Growth – PART 1” »