IQnection Receives Hubspot’s Gold Partner Recognition

From the Oscars to the Olympics to the little stars your teacher stuck on your tests, the color gold signifies one thing: “You’re among the best at what you do.”

IQ_team_with_Brian_Halligan_at_Hubspot-715918-edited.jpgThat’s why IQnection is proud to announce that Hubspot – a world leader in inbound marketing and sales automation – has named us a Gold Agency Partner.

In doing so, Hubspot recognized our role as a marketing agency that’s leading the charge for inbound marketing. Continue reading “IQnection Receives Hubspot’s Gold Partner Recognition” »

How To Attract Your Best Prospects

Attract ProspectsWho are the people in your audience?

It’s an important question to answer when you’re marketing to industrial buyers (or anyone else for that matter). And the way to answer that question is simple: Just ask them. You do that by creating buyer personas, portraits of your ideal prospects based on interviews with real-life customers.

Here are some questions our partners at HubSpot suggest you ask when creating buyer personas: Continue reading “How To Attract Your Best Prospects” »

Taking an Inbound Approach to Marketing Your Business

Greg_and_Eric_at_Hubspot.jpgAs a long-time advocate of utilizing digital tools to market businesses, the team here at IQnection was in search of a methodology that would maximize the power of the internet for our clients. 

We knew that consumers and businesses used the web to research products and services. And as the internet became more crowded, it became clear that our clients needed more than SEO and PPC to stay ahead of their competitors. They needed a holistic approach, one that would help them leverage their unique selling features to attract their ideal customers. Continue reading “Taking an Inbound Approach to Marketing Your Business” »

Using HubSpot to Jump Start Your Marketing

What Is HubSpotMany people who hear the term marketing automation might say “What’s that?”

Others might think you were talking about email marketing, and they’d be correct, up to a point. Marketing automation refers to a larger strategy that helps you streamline and prioritize your goals.

For many businesses, the marketing software provided by HubSpot delivers an easy, useful gateway into the world of marketing automation. Continue reading “Using HubSpot to Jump Start Your Marketing” »