Email Marketing for the New Year

Email Marketing Solutions at IQnectionEmail marketing, if done properly, can be a very focused and effective marketing tool for the New Year. While many brands have recently put more focus on search engine optimization and social media marketing, email marketing remains one of the most powerful yet overlooked items in the internet marketing toolbox.

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The Evolution of Internet Explorer

The Internet is like a living thing, in that it grows and changes. Our methods of interfacing with it, concurrently, must also evolve. Our ancestors tracked down their meals with tools and weapons made of flint, and while those methods might still work today, there are many other more efficient ways to secure sustenance, like using a car to go to the local supermarket. As servers have grown more adept at handling traffic, more media forms have found their way online and Internet-based content has expanded beyond mere information and business promotion, so too must our ways of accessing it change. Microsoft has provided these updates, along with those to its Windows series of operating systems, in the last two iterations of its browser, Internet Explorer.

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What are “Web-Safe” fonts?

Advertising and information distribution on the Internet is a natural extension of print media. When you're printing an advertisement or a news item, you have a great deal of flexibility in terms of font. Any size, any style, any color or background style - the only limits are your imagination and the size of the page. Web pages are often considered as being no different than a page of printed media, but there are a lot of web browsers out there and that can dramatically impact how your site is going to appear to the end user. Therefore, when selecting fonts for your site, you need to consider what are called "web-safe" fonts.

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