SuperMedia/SuperPages Is Not the Same as Google

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to helping your business get the most relevant traffic to your website. Although, getting “search-optimized” by SuperMedia (or, which sells print and internet advertising to small and medium-sized businesses is very different than getting search-optimized for Google.

When you put your listing on SuperMedia, it is then displayed on one of their websites (for example, and isn’t directly placed on Google. SuperPages is a search engine itself, just like Google is, so effectively your listing appears on a search website (SuperPages) within a search website (Google). Unless you have purchased a premium listing, your listing will only show up among dozens of other listings below the premium paid listings.

After successfully optimizing your website to show up on page one of Google’s search results, people searching will be able to click on your listing and get directly sent to your website. You are competing with at most, 10 paid GoIQnection SEO Marketing Google Resultsogle ads (listed on top of results), nine other Google organic (free) listings and possibly several (4-6) local listings.

If someone goes to do a Google search and clicks on the SuperPages listing (assuming SuperMedia has successfully “search engine optimized” their website for that specific keyword on Google), they will be redirected to and will be asked to choose a location. After choosing a city, they will be presented with premium paid listings located at the top of the results follow by all of the regularly-paid listings for that specific keyword. It’s not uncommon to see more than four premium paid listings at the top of the SuperPages search results page followed by dozens of regularly paid listings. Many times, the premium paid listings aren’t even relevant to the keyword the searcher entered.

When you list your website with SuperMedia you have additional competition than you do with Google, including, multiple premium paid listings, regular paid listings and paid ads included on the SuperPages search results page. Unfortunately, this means it is significantly less likely someone will click on your listing within the SuperMedia search results.

The best long term value of web marketing is through organic Google search results rather than through SuperMedia results.

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