What are “Web-Safe” fonts?

Advertising and information distribution on the Internet is a natural extension of print media. When you're printing an advertisement or a news item, you have a great deal of flexibility in terms of font. Any size, any style, any color or background style - the only limits are your imagination and the size of the page. Web pages are often considered as being no different than a page of printed media, but there are a lot of web browsers out there and that can dramatically impact how your site is going to appear to the end user. Therefore, when selecting fonts for your site, you need to consider what are called "web-safe" fonts.

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Email Quota Messages

In the midst of the holiday season we all tend to collect quite a bit of e-mail in our inboxes, whether it is vacation notice e-mails, email notices of upcoming sales, keeping in touch with everyone and last minute shopping. The usual email traffic this time of year can nearly double. With all of this email piling up we want to take a moment to answer a few of the questions you may have about email quota messages.

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IQnection Is One of The Philadelphia Top 100® Fastest Growing Companies!

philly100-logoIQnection Internet Services, Inc. has been honored as one of this year’s Philadelphia Top 100® fastest growing companies. The Entrepreneurs' Forum of Greater Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Business Journal, and the Wharton Small Business Development Center present the award to the fastest-growing privately held companies in the Greater Philadelphia area for the past three years. Based on extensive research, IQnection Internet Services was selected as one of the select Philadelphia area companies to receive this prestigious award.

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Do I Need A Blog?

It is no longer notable if you have a blog – today people wonder why you don’t have a blog. The internet has evolved into a social community where people connect, share, publish and collaborate. In today’s society there is a sense of immediacy - things change by the second. For example, texting and Twitter have become large communication tools due to our desire for continuous updates.

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