Google Changes Are Coming This April… Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Google Mobile-FriendlyGoogle has announced their next algorithm update and have revealed that it will be heavily based on whether or not your website is mobile friendly. This change is scheduled for April 21, 2015.

Although this algorithm change may seem early in adoption, the statistics are showing the trend in mobile viewing is here to stay. Multiple search engines are providing data that shows that traffic from mobile devices is rapidly approaching 50 percent of the total share.

“Traffic to the two major U.S. search engines (Google & Bing) shows that a substantial proportion of their traffic comes from mobile devices. For Google, mobile comprised almost half of all traffic from June to November 2014, with 52 percent coming from desktops and 48 percent from mobile. For Bing, the portion of mobile Web visits is smaller, accounting for roughly 33 percent of visits against 67 percent from desktop.”  - ClickZ from January 7, 2015

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

When it comes to search engine results, the over arching theme with any search engine provider is to provide the best search result for the end user. In trying to accomplish this, the search engines constantly update their search formula to better improve results. Past algorithm updates have always included cues that ensure the website's listed are up to date in multiple ways like... browser compatibility, load time and code quality. Beginning this April Google will be including whether your website is mobile-friendly in these variables.

How To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly.

Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly can be challenging depending on multiple factors. Some older websites were built in a manner that is not conducive to a mobile-friendly upgrade and would require a total rebuild. This is a good opportunity to not only upgrade your website for the upcoming algorithm changes, but to move your website to a content platform that is future proof and capable of marketing automation.

Below are some platforms that have mobile-friendly capabilities built in. 

Check If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly.

Google has provided a test page that you can access here to check whether or not your website is registering as mobile-friendly. Once the test is complete, you should get a message that says: “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.” in green text, or a report that says: “Not mobile-friendly.” in red text. If you get the error report, Google will provide links and resources to fix those errors.

  • Make sure your font size is large enough for mobile viewing
  • Are your links too close together
  • Upgrade your WordPress version, theme version, and plugins
  • Ensure there is no Flash (Old YouTube embed code that used Flash to embed videos)

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