IQnection’s Top Ten Inbound Marketing Articles in 2016


Since January, the team at IQnection has been busy creating articles that we hope are worthy of your attention.  And, you voted with your visits and views.

Not surprisingly, our readers are very interested in using inbound marketing techniques to gain customers and grow their business.  And, they want to develop a better understanding of their clients with persona research.

 So, without further fanfare, here are top IQ articles for the first half of 2016.  Just in case you missed one of these articles, we have included links as well.

How To Attract Your Best Prospects     People_in_meeting.jpg

It’s an important question to answer when you’re marketing to industrial buyers (or anyone else for that matter). And the way to respond to that question is simple: Just ask them. You do that by creating buyer personas, portraits of your ideal prospects based on interviews with real-life customers.

Procurement Professionals Are Migrating to Online Resources         

With tighter schedules and fewer resources, purchasing and procurement professionals are using the internet to source and purchase supplies and components.  If your business can’t fill their needs, chances are they’ll find a company that can.

8 Winning Topics for Your Manufacturing Blog

Writer’s block is no joke.  This is tough when you are making a living from your ability to put words on a page, or when your business needs to generate content for its blog.

But don’t worry. You have an audience that wants to hear from you, no matter what your company does. Purchasing agents and design engineers across every industry need information. Here are a few ways to generate topics for your blog that will speak to them.

The Power of Persona ResearchiStock_000034372208_Double.jpg

 As we write this, the new Star Wars movie is ruling the box office. Among the charms of The Force Awakens is the way it lets fans reconnect with characters they fell in love with decades ago.

Why are we mentioning this? Because the movie is a billion-dollar testament to the power of knowing your audience.

Who is your audience? It’s an essential inbound marketing question and one that you can answer by doing persona research

How to Drive Top-Line Growth with Inbound Marketing?

The biggest challenge B2B marketers face with lead generation is generating high-quality leads.

So, if high-quality leads are so hard to obtain, how do manufacturing companies grow top-line revenues?  Well, savvy B2B companies take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.  They use a strategic approach beginning with an inbound or content marketing program.  

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