Heartbleed Bug: IQnection Update

Heartbleed LogoNews about the “Heartbleed Bug” has been circulating widely over the last few days. At IQnection, we value your privacy and take the security of your website extremely seriously. When news of the Heartbleed Bug broke, we took immediate steps to ensure that each client website is secured. We would like to update you on the specific actions we have taken to secure your website.

What exactly is the ‘Heartbleed Bug’?
The Heartbleed Bug was discovered on April 7 by researchers from Google and a security firm named Codenomicon. The bug can potentially expose names, passwords, and content you send to secure websites using OpenSSL, a piece of encryption software used by a majority of internet servers (about 66 percent).

Steps we’ve taken
IQnection, like most hosting companies, relied on OpenSSL security to protect your information. Since the announcement of this bug, IQnection has worked actively to patch all of our servers against this vulnerability. This was completed by the end of the day on April 8. As of this date, the vulnerabilities of OpenSSL have been eliminated. If you have a site with a security certificate that has a potential vulnerability, IQnection will be calling you individually to inform you of the situation. We will also reissue a new certificate at no cost.

Steps you need to take
If you have not received a phone call from our hosting department, you are most likely not affected by the Heartbleed Bug. However, some clients may still want to change SSL certificates as a way of taking additional precautions. This can be done by renewing your certificate for another year. To do this, please contact our hosting department and we will guide you through standard renewal process.

We understand the serious concern this presents for site owners, but rest assured that IQnection is taking steps to protect your website and your customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team at 1.866.400.HOST or by sending us a tweet, email, or by submitting a ticket.


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