What is the Google Hummingbird?

Earlier this month, Google made waves in the search engine optimization industry when it announced its brand new search algorithm, Hummingbird. While the average Google search user What is the Google Hummingbirdmay not notice anything dramatically different while conducting their every day searches, Hummingbird is actually a major game changer that could modify the entire search landscape.

What is Hummingbird?

As mentioned, Hummingbird is a brand new search algorithm that Google uses to provide the best results for a user’s search query. The search algorithm is Google’s way of ranking and displaying search engine results. In the past, Google has made several “updates” to their algorithm, such as Panda and Penguin. What’s different about Hummingbird is that it’s not just a simple update; it’s a completely different algorithm that offers updated functionality. To put it into automotive terms, if Google was a car, think of its algorithm as the engine. The new Hummingbird algorithm would be like replacing the previous engine with a brand new, modern one.

How does this affect searches?

The most notable effect the Hummingbird algorithm has on search is how Google now evaluates search queries. Over recent years, evolving technology—such as mobile technology--has caused search engine queries to change. Where it used to be more typical for queries to be only a few words (i.e. “pizza shops”), mobile technology and other factors have lead to queries being considerably more “conversational” (i.e. “Where is the closest pizza shop?”). Hummingbird was created to take better advantage of what Google refers to as “Conversational Search.”

To do this, Hummingbird allows Google to take a deeper, more semantic approach to search queries. Instead of just understanding the keywords “pizza shops”, it takes other factors into account as well. For instance, Google may take into consideration your location if you’re searching from a mobile device and deliver results for all the pizza shops within a close radius. It may also look at other words in the query, such as “shops”, as an understanding that you’re looking for multiple pizza shops to compare. This deeper, more involved way of interpreting queries is intended to provide much more comprehensive results to users.

What does this mean for the future?

For the average Google user, Hummingbird is intended to be seamless change with the only noticeable difference being more relevant, useful search results. From the perspective of a web marketing company, Hummingbird provides some exciting new opportunities to create marketing campaigns and websites that can better suit the needs of potential customers that may be looking for your business and not even know it yet!

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