Non Profit Spotlight: The Quaker School At Horsham

The Quaker School at Horsham: an educational solution serving grades kindergarten through ninth

The child who has fallen far behind in school or experiences social difficulties finds a place at The Quaker School at Horsham (TQS). TQS provides a sense of belonging to the children and parents who have felt like outsiders in other schools. The experienced professionals of TQS analyze the struggle, design an individualized plan and invite the family to be part of the solution. Research-based programs are carried out in a supportive Quaker environment. The child who has not been appreciated for his gifts unlocks his potential at TQS.

Students at TQS fall into an unusual niche: bright, creative people with severe specific learning disabilities. Most have developed numerous compensatory strategies to mask their inability to perform at grade level on typical learning tasks and skills. They need individualized, direct, explicit instruction by qualified, dedicated teachers. TQS teachers use a wide gamut of strategies and materials to reach and motivate their students, including integrated technology.

Students at The Quaker School at Horsham do not use technology because it enriches their learning experience. TQS students use technology because it is the best, and in many cases, the only strategy for them to learn where traditional group classroom methods did not. Please contact Mia Glenn,, for inquiries regarding Open Houses or Admissions.