Last-Minute Holiday Gift Purchases Will Be Mobile

Google has done some calculations based on mobile search growth patterns over the past few years and have announced this projection for the coming holiday shopping season:

“44 percent of total searches for last minute gifts and store locator terms will be from mobile devices this holiday season based on historical growth rates.”

In reviewing the last 2 years of mobile shopping patterns, Google found what they are calling a “double-peak” on mobile devices.

  1. The first around “Black Friday
  2. The second followed the last weekend before Christmas

Google adds that people who are doing searches for products and store locations on mobile phones are more likely to actually show up and buy something.

Data from a 2011 AdMob survey says 65% of respondents answered yes to the following question:

“Have you used your Smartphone to find a business, and then made a purchase at that business-in-person?”

Google stated that its survey showed both Smartphone and Tablet users intended to start their shopping before Thanksgiving this year.

Taking together these surveys means marketers need to be ready for people doing a large part of their shopping on Mobile Devices and Smartphones.

However, you also need to be conscious of the growing iPad & Tablet users as well. Studies show that Tablet users are more engaged and spend more than other online shoppers. This data means it is imperative to optimize your web presence for these devices.

Google noted that a large majority of their major advertising clients - 70% as of February 2011 - still did not have an optimized mobile presence.

All of this data shows an accelerated rate of consumer’s adoption of mobile. The retailers and marketers that are not yet fully optimized for mobile or do not have a mobile paid search strategy are way behind and will lose sales.

Time is running out to catch up for this year’s holiday shopping.

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