IQnection Launches New Company Website is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved website. This website is focused on showcasing our ability to develop sites that not only look and function well, but also do extremely well in the Search Engines.

Virtually every business has had to adapt in order to survive the recent economic downturn. In our business, we have seen that many of our clients just don’t have the marketing budgets that they used to have. This means that they are looking for a much bigger return on every marketing dollar that they spend. In order to maximize the return on their web and marketing investments, we have focused much more energy on developing websites that attract a lot of visitors, and then converts those visitors into clients.

Our new website is designed to speak to business owners in the same situation. The core service we provide is the development of great looking sites that can be optimized for the search engines. Our new portfolio showcases a number of great success stories. We have made a more user-friendly layout as well as a much improved look and feel.

We invite you to browse our new site and give us your feedback. We’re always looking for ways to improve it. Please drop us a line!