Marketing JUMPstart – Eight Week Group Coaching Program

Paramount Business Coach – Yoon Cannon YoonCannon

The start date will be either Wednesday April 16th at 7am or 3pm or Saturday April 17th at 8am and will run each week at the same day and time. Check the website for schedule updates. Paramount Business Coach is a business growth coaching and consulting firm based out of the Greater Philadelphia area. As a systemic business growth expert, Yoon works with small and mid-size companies, firms and professionals in the service industry. She will help you increase your revenues and billable hours through my customized productivity and marketing coaching, consulting and training.

Week 1: Mindset before Skill Set

Learn the 7 critical steps for creating a clear vision for the life you want and how to leverage your business to get you there.

Find out which of these common marketing myths are sabotaging and stunting the growth of your business

Discover these 5 mental conditioning secrets Olympic athletes use that you too can implement to succeed even in this down economy.

Week 2: Target Marketing – Finding Your Who

Learn how to segment who is the best niche market for you, so you can enjoy a steady flow of eager new clients!

The 5 essential guideposts you MUST know so you can get your message straight to your target market while avoiding costly mistakes with random trial and error.

Find out how you can identify their hot buttons so your prospects naturally and easily sell themselves on you.

Week 3: Developing Your USP

How to Stand Out in an Already Crowded Marketplace

Find out the single most important step to crafting a knock-out USP that your people will want and will remember!

Discover the 6 Deadly Sins of value propositions that can quickly destroy your marketing.

Develop and craft your laser talks with instant feedback, support and direction so you leave with your winning messages done.

Week 4: Lead Generation Techniques

Find out these top 5 direct mail mistakes so you can avoid the common direct mail blunders that will shrink your response rates

Learn this little known networking secret that triples your results at networking events

Plus, how to automate your online strategies so your business is making sales even when you’re sleeping!

Week 5: Advertising on a Shoe String Budget

Learn which mediums you should advertise and when you should not advertise to avoid throwing all your money out the window

Find out which “shoe-string” marketing ideas will lead you to sales and which will only lead you to a dead end.

Discover the 4 MUST KNOW principles of advertising that will get your phone to ring!

Week 6: Automate Your Marketing

No more “spray and pray” marketing when you learn and implement these 5 simple automation systems

Add a dash of this secret missing ingredient to your marketing plan and eliminate half of your indecisive prospects!

Discover these 5 critical tips, tricks and tools to give you steady predictable results from your marketing

Week 7: Websites That Work!

Find out the 5 most effective home page formats for the service industry and how you can make these simple changes to double and triple your website results

Learn these 4 easy techniques for generating greater online traffic to your site, so you can increase your exposure 100% - 400% even when you’re not working

Learn which Million Dollar words to have on your website so you can prompt your prospects to action!

Week 8: Closing the Sale!

Learn how to:

Price your services to win clients without sacrificing your net profits.

Present winning proposals that position you as their best solution.

Pose powerful questions for low pressure sales, so your clients sell themselves on you and your company.

Overcome customer indecision so you can have shorter sales cycles and close more sales!