Email Quota Messages

In the midst of the holiday season we all tend to collect quite a bit of e-mail in our inboxes, whether it is vacation notice e-mails, email notices of upcoming sales, keeping in touch with everyone and last minute shopping. The usual email traffic this time of year can nearly double. With all of this email piling up we want to take a moment to answer a few of the questions you may have about email quota messages.

These messages are automatically generated by the servers that handle your email. They are intended to let you know that the amount of email in your account is coming close to the limit allowed by your current hosting agreement. You may, on occasion, receive incremental quota messages telling you that you are approaching a storage space limit allowed by your current agreement.

The most common questions we receive regarding quotas are "where is all this email?" and "what can I do to continue receiving email?" The places that most frequently collect mail are the Inbox, Sent and Spam folders. Simply removing older messages from these folders can typically keep most people under their limit.

The good news is if you receive an incremental email quota message you shouldn't need to do anything. We will increase your quota level until you reach the maximum for your current agreement. If you are on our legacy email system or receive a quota message for the maximum allowed by your agreement then we can work with you to remove older, unnecessary messages or discuss your options for upgrading the email limits for your accounts.

If you haven't been migrated to our newer mail system and are interested in making the switch please feel free to email to request more information on the migration process so we can schedule a time to upgrade your mail services.