Do I Need A Blog?

It is no longer notable if you have a blog – today people wonder why you don’t have a blog. The internet has evolved into a social community where people connect, share, publish and collaborate. In today’s society there is a sense of immediacy - things change by the second. For example, texting and Twitter have become large communication tools due to our desire for continuous updates.

What are the benefits of adding a blog to your site?

  • Validation: Shows that your Company is up-to-date signifying you are communicative.
  • Immediacy: You can make changes at any time.
  • Extended Reach: Blog pages will be indexed by the Search Engines and listed in blog directories and Search Results. These additional links will enable you to capture more visitors.
  • Flexibility: Ability to try focused promotions and test marketing ideas.
  • Accessibility: A company not engaged with their audience and monitoring what’s being said about them is out of touch with their customers. Through a blog your visitors and potential customers can communicate with you.

An example of a successful blog is Erin O’Donnell, Marketing Manager for David Michael & Company, believes that adding the blog to their site has helped improve their rankings and internet searches. Erin says, “Our blog delivers another opportunity to communicate with our clients, not just professionally, but on a personal level as well.” delivers promotional messages intertwined with research information. Adding the capability of posting their blog comments directly to their company’s Twitter account has also helped make this a successful example of how a blog can help your company. The fact is their ‘blog’ landing page has increased to a Google PageRank of 3 and the home page of their web site a PageRank of 4.

What is Google Page Rank?

PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. This is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. This matters because it is one of the factors they use to determine a page’s ranking in the search results.

So do you need a blog? My answer would be yes. A blog will enable you to communicate and promote to your existing and prospective customers in addition to increasing your PageRank and placement on the Search Engine Results Pages which can, in turn, bring you more customers.