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IQnection web design offices in DoylestownFor nearly 20 years, IQnection has helped businesses in and around the Doylestown area tell their stories and attract new customers with the help of our dedicated team of marketing professionals and web design experts.

Our team holds numerous certifications in platforms like Hubspot, BigCommerce, and Google AdWords to name a few. Many of us have decades of experience in web development, marketing, search engine optimization, copywriting and graphic design.

A Doylestown Leader in Web Design

Does your company’s website look out of date? Is it difficult to use on mobile devices? Is checkout clunky? IQnection can help. Our team of web design experts can get to know your company and craft a new site that will delight your prospective customers.

Our broad range of digital marketing services can help you reach new customers in Doylestown and the surrounding areas through skills such as:

  • Two men planning a website layoutGraphic Design that is focused on digital interfaces like website design
    Website architecture
  • Copywriting and content creation that can sharpen your message so you’ll reach your ideal customers
  • Integration of platforms such CRM’s, Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) and eCommerce sites
  • Brand consistency across social media, websites, and email platforms

Doylestown website design experts

Your website should give you more than just an avenue to new sales, as important as that may be. It’s also a digital extension of your company, as crucial to drawing in new customers as an inviting storefront is to the brick-and-mortar side of your business.

We’ll spend time getting to know your company and learning about our audience to help us create a website that captures the essence of your business, engages with your customers and drives them towards a purchase.

IQnection’s web design services include:

  • Artistic representation of a responsive designProfessional, eye-catching web design that fits with your branding but can also change and grow as your business evolves
  • Site development to create a website or e-commerce solution geared toward your business
  • Responsive design, so that your site looks great no matter the device – mobile phones, laptops, desktops – visitors use to view it
  • Full support, so you’ll have peace of mind that your website is always operational

If you’re seeking a website and a web presence that will help you expand your business in the Doylestown and beyond, fill out the form on this page. One of our web design specialists will be in touch to explain how IQnection can help you.

5 Must-Haves for Your New Website Design

You wouldn’t renovate your house without first talking things over with your contractor and interior designer. The same thing applies to your website.
Before launching into a new web design, make sure you’ll be including these five vital features.

1. CMS

Artistic representation of a content management system, or CMSCMS stands for “content management system,” and is another must-have for your new site. With a CMS, you can log into your website and make text and photo changes without having to rely on a web developer to do that work for you.

Once you know how to operate your CMS – something IQnection’s web design team can help you with – you’ll be able to keep your site updated as your business evolves.

2. A blog

Adding a blog to your web design gives you a way to establish your company as an expert in your field, while also keeping your site up to date. Sites with regularly-updated content tend to do better in search engine rankings.

And when you fill those blogs with keyword-rich phrases related to your industry, you can boost your website’s standing with search engines.

3. Calls to action

Otherwise known as a CTA, a call to action is a graphic on your website, and it’s designed to do what you’d expect: call visitors to take some sort of action: Contact us. Follow us on social media. Download a free guide. Subscribe to our blog.

Each page on your site should have at least one CTA, in addition to a “Contact us” form or your company’s phone number.

4. Make an offer

Lastly, your new web design should offer visitors an easy way to engage with your business outside of direct business offers like “schedule a meeting with us.”

Some visitors to your site may not be prepared to become full-fledged customers but are at least a little curious about what you do.
You can help satisfy their curiosity by offering content that tells them more about your industry and what you do, such as a free white paper or e-book, in exchange for their email address.

5. Responsive Design

Artistic representation of a developer building a websiteA responsive site is one that responds to the screens on which it appears. It’s designed to look good on a tablet, smartphone or desktop.

With more and more people using mobile devices, it’s become increasingly important to have a site that looks good and displays your content the way you want it displayed across a range of platforms.

Making your site responsive can also better help people find your website. Google has changed its criteria as more and more people use their phones to access the web, giving responsive sites a higher ranking in search results. We’ll have more to say about responsive sites in our next section.

Doylestown Web Design: Why You Need a Responsive Website

Back in 2015, people in the web design world were very worried about “Mobilegeddon.” This was the nickname given to a Google algorithm update that would favor mobile search results from websites that had incorporated responsive design.

The emphasis here is on responsive, as opposed to mobile-friendly. What’s the difference? At first glance, they might seem the same, but you can’t really use the terms interchangeably.

Here’s a good way to look at it: a responsive site will always be mobile-friendly, but not every mobile-friendly website is responsive.

Mobile-friendly websites will typically change for a select number of device, rather than every device out there. Typically they will be configured for two scenarios – smart phone and desktop computer.

But a responsive site will – as the name suggests – respond to whatever screen on which you view it: smartphones, tablets, desktops. Change from device to device and the site changes with you.

Both mobile-friendly and responsive sites will work for people who view your site from their smartphones, but for some devices a responsive site will be easier to use.

Why go responsive?

Beyond these reasons, keep in mind these statistics:

  • 77 percent of all Americans own a smartphone, a number that’s expected to jump to 84 percent by 2022. Worldwide, smartphone ownership was expected to hit 2.9 billion in 2019.
  • According to HubSpot, 61 percent of consumers have a better opinion of brands that offer a positive mobile experience
  • More than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices

If your company is ready to make the switch to a responsive site, the Doylestown web design experts at IQnection can help. Let our team design a website that looks great no matter how your visitors view it, which will help bring those visitors to your door.

Doylestown Web Design: How to Make Your Site Easier to Use

Once you’ve drawn visitors to your website, you want them to stick around. Here are a few elements that will make visiting your site a more pleasant experience.

1. White space

White space doesn’t have to be white. The term refers to open, unclutter space in layout that allows the eye to rest. It is vital to attractive web design. It makes your content easier to read and helps users focus on the elements you want to emphasize.

HubSpot says white space can increase user attention by up to 20 percent and “make your website feel open, fresh and modern.”

2. Optimized page speed

Artistic representation of SEOUsers expect a fast load time when they access your web page. If they don’t get it, they’ll go somewhere else. An extra few seconds load time can drive up your website’s bounce rate by significant margins.

A “bounce” is when someone comes to your site and leaves before visiting a second page. Google considers this a sign that your site or your content, were not helpful in answering the users question and it hurts your search engine ranking. Having a web design team that can do more than just plug in a Word Press theme – skilled developers who can really get under the hood to make your site hum along – is more important than many people realize.

Studies have shown that a load time of 1 to 3 seconds increases the likelihood that a reader will leave by 32 percent. If it’s 1-5 seconds, that rate jumps to 90 percent. Anything higher than the bounce probability is all but guaranteed.

3. Make your CTAs appealing

It’s not enough to just have CTAs on your site. You’ll need attractive, attention-getting CTAs to keep users engaged.

Start with color. Different colors can evoke different feelings. Research the type of feeling you want to evoke – trust, intelligence, etc. – and choose your colors accordingly. Make sure that your colors also work well with your brand.

The words you use with your CTAs are important as well. It’s a call to action, so pick an action word that compels a user to do something: Sign up now, download here, etc.

4. Break up your text

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve taken pains to break up all the information into easily digestible chunks. Getting through an unbroken wall of text is hard enough in print. On the web – where people tend to skim rather than read – it’s a recipe for failure.

So add things like short paragraphs, numbered lists, and bullet points.

Bullet points let your readers to get all the information they want in a short amount of time. And don’t think you need to use the standard black dot to bullet your information. It allows the reader to scan and absorb key points quickly.

You’ll also want to include H1 headings and H2 subheads. These not only make your text easier to digest, they’ll make your site easier to find by helping search engines know what each page is all about.

Headlines are very important. Search engines give them more weight over other content, and help guide users through the site, making it easier to find the content that they need.

And finally, make sure your site is easy to read. Body copy should be at least 14px and in a web optimized font that’s accessible across all devices. No one should have to use a magnifying glass to read your website on a smartphone.

5. Be up front about who you are and what you do

Assuming your page loads quickly enough to keep users around, they’ll want to know what you’re all about right away. Studies show that nearly half of all buyers will leave a website immediately if the company can’t make it clear what they do.

6. Talk about how you’re different

Let’s face it. There are a lot of options out there. Its also true that every company, every organization has its own culture and delivers services or products in a way that unique to them. Our web design team will push you to define the ways in which you’re different than your competitors and they’ll find a succinct way to showcase this on your website.

7. Use the right images

Just like headings, lists and bullet points, images can make your website pages more appealing and easier to navigate.

But be caution about the images you choose.

Hubspot points to a case study done at a moving company in the New York City area that replaced the stock photos on its site with pictures of their actual movers and moving trucks and saw their conversion rates increase.

The other side of the coin is this: poor quality photos affect the over feel of your site. Photos with low resolution, that are poorly framed, have washed out color or that lack visual interest, will reflect on your brand.

The lesson here: When you have great, high-quality photos of your own, these are preferable over stock. When you don’t, stock photos provide a high quality alternative. Don’t over use them and try to find images that feel more real and relatable whenever possible.

We have launched more the 1200 sites in 20 years in business. We’d be honored to add your site to our portfolio. Contact IQnection today to speak to someone from our Doylestown web design and marketing team. We look forward to creating a site that turns your visitors into satisfied customers.

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