Search Engine Optimization

SEO Guides Customers To You

SEO or Search engine optimization is one of the most important tools a business online must consider. SEO is the art of crafting a website that reads well to both search engines and to users. Good search engine optimization provides the base on which the entirety of your web marketing will rest. At IQnection, we understand how important search engine visibility is to our clients. We take the time to optimize your website and create a quality user experience that translates to the search engines.

At IQnection we also look deeper into your traffic and other analytics to focus on the highest-quality visitors. Many SEO companies focus on the amount of traffic that they will drive to your site or promise to get you “on page 1” in Google. At Iqnection we understand that your goal is sales and conversions, not just ranking. With that in mind we focus our SEO strategy as one branch of our larger marketing strategy, with the whole package focused on pushing qualified visitors to your site. We focus on the keywords that will best drive qualified traffic to your site, not just the ones that are easy to rank for. There is little value in ranking for keywords that do not convert and at IQnection, we focus on conversion.


IQnection Ranks #1 and #2 in Google!

We also go the extra step and optimize your keywords based on geographical and other identifiers as well. If you run a small local business, we don’t waste effort making you try and rank nationally. If you do business internationally, we can focus on the whole world or just primary business objective areas.








If search engines can't index your website, then customers won't know that your exist. When you hire us to optimize your website, we work to make it search-engine friendly so you’ve got the best chance possible of landing on the first page for the searches that are important to you. With our strong knowledge of good SEO strategies, we work to build the intrinsic value of your website so that your investment pays dividends not just now, but into the future.

Our SEO efforts don’t stop at optimizing your website’s content before launch. Good search engine optimization means curating web content obsessively and consistently. Like an obsessive teenager, Google craves the new and the fresh, so we work to keep your website constantly updated with new, engaging, SEO-focused content. Our marketers and writers work together to create new content for you on a scheduled basis, depending on your marketing plan.