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Is a Website a Good Investment?

When it comes to running your business you constantly need to watch the bottom line. Any investment is expected to yield a positive return; your web presence is no exception. However the cost of creating a great website is minimal compared to the opportunity cost of making a bad one. The decision about whether or not to create or redesign your website should be based on your return on investment (ROI), not just cost.

Our company is solely focused on the ROI of our services. Our affordable websites and marketing programs are designed to repay your investment back to you many times over. IQnection employs more than 20 talented in-house graphic designers, programmers and marketing experts who specialize in creating custom, results oriented websites. This means that before we build your web presence, we stop and ask fundamental questions like:

what is unique about your business? What message is most likely to convert your visitors into clients? Who else in your industry is being successful, and why?

Before we start any ongoing marketing relationship, we’ll clearly spell out all of the costs. We will also forecast what the potential return on your investment will be, and chart that over time. We want you to “know the numbers” so that your ROI (return on investment) decisions are clear. With this information you can make a good business decision on whether or not to proceed with an online marketing effort or not, rather than some nebulous promise of “getting you to page one.”

We invite you to meet with our staff and ask us the hard questions. Our experienced staff will be able to tell you what the opportunity is, and whether we are the right partner for you.

IQnection offers several affordable web design packages for you to choose from. From a small start-up, to an established corporation, our design packages are tailor made to meet your budget and return back on your investment.

All web design packages come with:
  • Easy to use CMS system (WordPress or SilverStripe) so you can edit your own website’s content.
  •  Compatibility with all modern browsers.
  •  Dedicated project manager to guide you through the development process.
  •  Search engine friendly programming.
  • Fully responsive website designed to be viewed on any device.


“At the end of the day, the numbers 
don’t lie.”
– Marcus Lemonis