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Are you part of a professional business association that is interested in learning how Inbound Marketing is changing the way that companies attract and nurture leads?

IQnection founders Greg Cawood and Bob Campbell have built a successful and innovative company out of a desire to help clients find intelligent ways to grow their businesses online. We are pleased to provide a free one-hour presentation introducing Inbound Marketing to any professional business association, service organization, educational forum or conference.

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greg cawood

Greg Cawood

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Bob Campbell

Founded in 2000, IQnection has developed over 1500 websites and helped countless clients position their brand and their business for growth. As a seasoned player in the online space, IQnection has been uniquely positioned to excel at new methodologies like "content" or "inbound marketing", and marketing automation tools. Our clients range from large non-profits to online retailers to large manufacturing companies, so we have case studies that are relevant to almost any audience.

We'd be happy to pass on what we've learned to make your event more valuable for your attenders. IQ Speakers can talk about trends in marketing and explore the ins and outs of digital marketing in particular. We can also answer the question "What is inbound marketing?" and discuss how it differs from traditional, or "outbound" marketing.

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